Pelscope is a powerful tool to analyze/measure/compare picture/video quality. Pelscope supports still images, videos and raw camera images in different formats. And Pelscope supports different color visualization methods, including visualization in RGB/HSV/CIE Lab space. It also provides measurements on MTF, Color Accuracy, Noise.

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Target Applications:

  • Video quality comparison/evaluation.
  • Camera development/evaluation.

Main Features

  • Support following file formats:
    • Support most image format, including jpeg, png, bmp.
    • Support most video format, including mp4/3gp, m2ts/m2ps, mkv/webm, avi.
    • Support YUV 420/422/444 up to 14bit per pixel.
    • Support raw data up to 32bit.
  • Support following measurements:
    • Pixel values on RGB/XYZ/CIE Lab/CIE Luv/HSV/YUV spaces.
    • Sharpness analysis on human faces, image center or 9-points.
    • Color Accuracy using Machbeth Color Chart.
    • MTF using iso12233 Test Chart.
    • Color Uniformity.
    • Component selection on RGB and HSV
    • Exif(if available)
    • WhiteBalance Parameter tuning.
    • Noise.
  • Support following visualization methods:
    • Vector Scope.
    • Waveform.
    • Histogram on R/G/B/Luma/Saturation
  • Support following Comparison methods:
    • Side-By-Side Comparison
    • Pixel-By-Pixel Difference

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