CodecVisa is a powerful real-time analyzer for H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC/MVC, GOOGLE VP9/VP8, MPEG2 Video and YUV video codecs. It can analyze H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC/MVC, GOOGLE VP8/VP9, MPEG2 Video on different formats.

With lots of unique features like Decode Stage Display, CodecVisa is a perfect tool to analyze and optimize H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC/MVC, GOOGLE VP9/VP8 and MPEG2 Video codecs, to learn and get in-depth knowledge with your eyes.

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Target Applications:

  • 3D/VR Videos using H.264/MVC or H.265/MV-HEVC.
  • WIFI display with HEVC/H.265/H.264 for Video.
  • DTV with HEVC/H.265/H.264/AVC/MVC/MPEG2 for Video.
  • HD Videos(Blue-Ray and HD-DVD, AVCHD) using H.264/AVC/MVC.
  • Mobile TV videos (DVB-H/ISDB-T/MediaFLO/T-DMB etc).
  • ipod/iphone/ipad/Android or other Consumer/Portable/PC videos.
  • Web video streams using H.264/AVC/MVC or GOOGLE VP9/VP8.

Target users:

  • Video Codec developers.
  • Video Codec Researches/Students.
  • Video Codec enhancement.

Main Features

  • In depth analysis of H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC/MVC and GOOGLE VP9/VP8.
  • I/P/B mb insight analysis, including ref list, mb type, intra/inter prediction info, LP filter strength info, etc.
  • MB pixel info and display in all decoding stages including Final, Pre LP-filter, Predicted and Residual data and IDCT Coefficient.
  • Encoding Statistics including encoding rate, average QP, mb bits for each type, etc.
  • Header element tree
  • YUV Component Analysis
  • Info Dump on decoded YUV output/MB info/Header info.
  • MP4/3GP, MPEG2 Transport/Program Stream, FLV, MKV/Webm file formats analysis.
  • Playback on Display and Decoding order.

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